Critical Community Needs Grant

The Glens Falls Foundation has established a Critical Community Needs Grant to address the problems of intergenerational poverty and families in crisis.

In 2016 and 2017, the Foundation plans to award in one or more grants $60,000, for a total of $120,000, to local non-profit, charitable, health care, and/or educational groups that seek to address these priority issues. The Foundation is interested in supporting innovative, practical and sustainable approaches that can be implemented in a timely manner, are likely to produce measurable results, and that involve collaboration among local agencies. 

The Foundation’s Distribution Committee will apply to these applications the same criteria that are applied in evaluating all other grant requests:

  • Is the sponsoring organization(s) financially stable?
  • Will the proposed program or service have long-term impact?
  •  Will a significant number of people benefit?
  •  Will there be a significant community benefit?
  • Is there a real need for the Foundation to contribute?

Groups and partnerships of organizations interested in seeking these grants should submit to the Glens Falls Foundation by November 30, 2015, a letter of interest briefly describing a proposal to address these issues. The letter of interest should include high-level goals and proposed measures of success, with particular attention to our evaluative criteria.

In January 2016, the Distribution Committee will meet with representatives of organizations whose letters appear likely achieve the goals of this project. Selected applicants will be asked to submit full grant applications, which will be due by the end of February 2016. An announcement of the winning applicant(s) will be made in April 2016.

For more information, please contact Foundation Business Administrator Michael Niles at or download the Glens Falls Foundation’s Request for Grant Applications.