Glens Falls Foundation Grant Application Procedure

Organizations and individuals seeking a grant are invited to submit a letter providing information on the proposed use of the funds, as follows:

  1. Overview: Background information on the organization including a brief history, a description of the activities or services carried out by the organization, and a list of officers, directors, and board members.
  2. Purpose of Request: (a) A detailed description of the proposed project including the need the project is intended to address, (b) the scope of the project in terms of geographic area and population to be served, goals and objectives, (c) the plan of action and a timetable, the time period to be covered by the requested grant, and (d) the amount of the grant requested and the benefits to be derived.
  3. Finances: Provide a current budget of the organization/cause, and if applicable, a budget for the project, showing sources of other funding and the use of funds.
  4. Supporting Documents: Exhibits consisting of newspaper clippings, photos, support letters, references, brochures, are welcome if they are appropriate.
  5. Length: Application should not exceed 12 pages, with enclosures. Provide original and two (2) copies.
  6. Consideration: The Distribution Committee meets four (4) times a year. Applications should be directed to the Distribution Committee of the Glens Falls Foundation in care of Business Administrator D. Michael Niles by the 20th of March, June, September, and December, to be considered at the following month's Committee meeting.
  7. Notification: Applicants will receive a written notice of the Committee’s Decision within ten (10) business days of the meeting. 
  8. Reapplying: Once a grant is awarded to an applicant, there is a three-year wait period to reapply for new funding.

LARAC - Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council

Grant Priorities

The Distribution Committee has established the following priorities for approving grant applications.

  • Capital projects
  • Equipment purchases
  • New initiatives
  • Special projects

Grants for general operating expenses are discouraged.

Scoring Criteria

  • Viability of project – Does the project have potential for success?
  • Viability of organization – Does the organization have sustainability?
  • Continuing impact of grant – Will the project have long term impact?
  • Number of beneficiaries – Will a significant number of people benefit from the project?
  • Overall impact on community – Will the project provide substantial benefit to the community?
  • Financial need of applicant – Is there a real need for the Foundation to contribute?
  • Number and size of recent grants to applicants – Has the applicant received previous grants?

Further information is available from D. Michael Niles, Foundation Business Administrator, at 926-8372.